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Quicksilver trail #1

One of the best trail in quick silver is the Guadalupe trail, it takes around 2 hours. Hiking here, we can see the little history about the Alamden history. I heard it from my son's history field trip. Almaden is originally the place that is Spain's largest mercury mine. Mercury is the main source to extract gold from gold ore, so Spain built large mercury mine at quicksilver and they named New Almaden. When I moved to Almaden 10 years ago, I really wonder why old town of Almaden called New Almaden but there is this kind of history.

Normally,it has wide trails and some bumpy, it can feel a little muddy during the winter season.

There is Dam at the half of this course, this is my water break area and refresh with nice scenery.

And, we can see Almaden and sometimes San Jose downtown clearly at the good weather.

I want to introduce other nice trails when I have a chance.

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