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The first invented armored fighting vehicle

While re watching Girls und Panzer i noticed a scene where it showed a tent for a split second before continuing the scene. In that scene there was a peculiar bicycle which I hadn't noticed before.

At closer inspection it held a machine gun similar to a M2 and had 4 wheels.

This had me curious to see if this was merely fictional or truly something that existed and to my surprise and delight it indeed was true.

Not much information could be found about this vehicle but it was invented by a F. R. Simms in 1899. Boasting a 7.62 mm Maxim machine gun it is considered to be the first armored fighting vehicle. Including a armored face plate, it is pedal and motor powered.

Although it wasn't used in combat, it began a chain of inventions of armored fighting vehicles. With bicycles being even used in combat during the second world war.

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