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Sam's Chowder House @ Half Moon Bay

Sam's Chowder Hose Webpage

This Sunday(01/10/2021), we visited Half moon bay again in the morning around 11AM. Before arriving half moon bay, we visited popular clam chowder house for the brunch. This is located 1~2min before half moon bay parking lot. Actually, it has own parking lot and connected to the beach but it's so crowed.

We ordered the menu before arriving here thru webpage, we could pay by PayPal. And then, we parked our car at the half moon bay parking lot and walked to the restaurant. It was around 10min walk. And food was ready on time and we ate on the beach that is connected from the restaurant.

We ordered two signature menu of the restaurant, one is the clam chowder and another is the lobster roll. I didn't take photo because we were so so hungry, I just copied picture from Yelp.

Clam Chowder is not salty than other popular Chowder restaurant, I can enjoy more sea food taste, one special thing is that it has bacon in it. it is control saltiness and well balance with seafood.

They gave us the bread bun that is toasted with butter and gave Lobster separately, lobster also blend, it's not salty at all. bread is really good and well toasted. it has really good combination btw the bread and the lobster. Actually, one disadvantage is the lobster temperature, If they provide litter warm lobster, I think it will test much better.


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