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Operation Bagration

Operation Bagration or the Belorussian Strategic Offensive Operation (June 23- August 19 1944)

After Operation Barbarossa several German army groups were severely weakened due to the incompetence of the German high command and overstretched supply lines

Although the Russians still had a higher casualty rate they could afford this due to their population

This prompts the Russians to immediately retaliate

Operation Bagration (The Soviet Steamroller) took control of massive gains of territories that the Germans had taken before.

Successfully using strategies like deep battle and deception they were able to lure the majority of German reserves to central sectors

This allowed the capturing of multiple army groups including the near destruction of Army Group Centre

Operation Bagration was a tide turner for the war as the bulk of the German army in the east was now gone and Russia was powering to Berlin

This was later followed by Operation Overlord or more popularly known as D-day

These victories had a severe affect on the Germans and they could no longer advance due to supply shortages and a ever weaker army leading to a stalemate in the war

Operation Bagration is one of the largest military operation with 2.3 million troops engaged and a vast amount of territory recaptured

The aftermath would have German losses at a estimated 400,000 with Soviet losses 180,040 killed and 590,848 wounded/ill

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