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New TV selection

We purchased TV 10 years ago when we moved to the current house, that was pretty new technology and high price, I remembered we paid $3000 for 1080p support Samsung TV.

Because of COVID19, we're spending time inside home most of time, we decided to replace the TV. Recently, When I reviewed the TV, I surprised since the TV price is extremely cheaper than 10 years ago. :)

For new TV, we considered many thing that I listed in below

  1. What technology we need? QLED vs OLED

  2. Do we need deep contrast and real black? backlight methodology (Edge vs direct full array)

  3. What size is good for our room? 75in vs 85in

  4. What resolution is good? 4k vs 8k

  5. eARC support? yes vs no

  6. How fast Motion rate? 120 vs 240

  7. Brand? Samsung vs LG

  8. Cost? under 3000 vs under 4000

Overall, we don't need very high tech such as OLED because OLED is too expensive if we consider the cost vs color quality, and our room size is not too big 75in is good size for us. And there is not many 8k source yet, I thought 4k support is good for next 10 years. eARC is definitely need since we want to install home theater system, audio return channel is good way to connection Video and audio at the same time with only one HDMI cable. Our kids like to play video game and we're using TV for family game night. Motion rate is critical for the fast motion. 240 is the best choice for our family. we also watched several Youtube to compare the color feel between Samsung and LG. For our family, the feel of Samsung is little shaper than LG. So, Finally we decided 75in - QLED - 4k - eARC support - 240 MR - Samsung that is 75Q80T.

So far, we satisfied 100% with that TV and we're enjoying lots of family movie night and game night.

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