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British Mark 5

The British Mark 5 is one of the first combat tanks developed during the Great War. Creating the rhombus design which is very evident in many tanks of the First World War. It was designed in my to cross trenches and attack enemy entrenched positions. Having a long design to be able to go over the trenches and a slanted front to help climb elevated areas. Although it was ingenious and unmatched at that time it was unreliable. The engine was positioned on the inside of the tank near the center and there was nothing covering it. Leading to terrible crew conditions and ventilation being very poor. Causing many crew members to become ill. However, this tank changed the course of the war. As many battles were put into a stalemate leading to many men being launched for only a few inches of territory being gained. The British Mark 5 lead the charge against many enemy trenches gaining miles of land which would have taken months to gain without it. Eventually this tank design would become useless as the world evolved and the war they fought also changed, but it will be remembered as one of the most effective tanks of its time and a start of the era of tanks.

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