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Sam's Chowder House @ Half Moon Bay

#food Sam's Chowder Hose Webpage This Sunday(01/10/2021), we visited Half moon bay again in the morning around 11AM. Before arriving half moon bay, we visited popular clam chowder house for the brunch. This is located 1~2min before half moon bay parking lot. Actually, it has own parking lot and connected to the beach but it's so crowed. We ordered the menu before arriving here thru webpage, we could pay by PayPal. And then, we parked

Half Moon Bay Babara's fish trap

#food This place has pretty good Italian style food, especially seafood fries is awesome and the cook time of squid is really nice. One uncomfortable thing is they don't accept credit card, we are very awkward during order since we only has credit card. They have ATM machine but it's hard find. Anyway, we need to prepare the cash to eat the fresh seafood fries next time, then we can save $3 ATM machine fee.

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